People have been taking smoke breaks since the invention of the cigarette. Even though not as many people smoke these days, people still take them.

Smoke breaks are common in any workplace in America. People smoke cigarettes to relieve stress or to have a minute to themselves and not be bothered by their coworkers and boss.

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There is nothing wrong with taking a smoke break. People deserve to have at least 10 minutes to themselves every few hours to reset their minds and take a breath from work.

Photo by Luka Malic via Unsplash
Photo by Luka Malic via Unsplash

Some nonsmokers don't take as many breaks, and some folks might think that is unfair, but honestly, if you want to take five to ten minutes to yourself, you can go for a walk or sit in your car and listen to your music.

Here's the thing, I don't mind people who take smoke breaks, but I do have some friendly advice.

For one, if you take a smoke break, please don't smoke near the doors of your building. People who are sensitive to cigarette smoke or don't smoke aren't fans of walking through smoke clouds as they go outside. The smoke smell can attach to clothes and be a burden.

Also, after your smoke break, please take some time to refresh yourself. The smoke collects on your clothes and brings that odor inside. The odor from cigarettes can be very unpleasant for many who aren't fans of cigarettes, and we humbly ask that you maybe spray yourself before re-entering the building.

Photo by Andres Simon via Unsplash
Photo by Andres Simon via Unsplash

I want to state I have nothing against smokers, and I am glad they can take smoke breaks, but we need to be mindful of others around us. Plus, you don't want to be that person who takes a smoke break when your place of work gets slammed and leaves everyone else out to dry to deal with the chaos. This goes the same for nonsmokers who take a break at the worst times during rush.

In conclusion, if you are a Montanan who takes a smoke break at work, please be respectful of others around you. This a friendly reminder from someone who doesn't smoke and wants to enjoy a great work environment.

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