David Nail is about to release a new album that includes a No. 1 hit. Now, the 'Whatever She's Got' singer says that the success of his forthcoming record will be even sweeter, as he has a handle on his lifelong battle with depression.

The singer, whose new album 'I'm a Fire' will be unleashed next week, recently revealed that he has struggled with depression throughout his life, but has only made the brave step to address it in the past few years.

"It kind of came I guess to a head a couple of years ago," Nail shares (quote via CMT). "'Let It Rain' was No. 1, and I had all these good things going on, and I just wasn't happy."

The country crooner says that for many years he tried to rely on his fame and success to "fix" his depression, but realized that wasn't enough just a few years ago after a conversation with Chris Young at the American Country Music Awards.

"I remember walking away and being so blessed to have been at this party and so many nice things that were said," says the 34-year-old singer. "I should be on top of the world, but I just couldn't physically get there or mentally get there."

After that wakeup call, Nail admits he was finally ready to address his depression head on. In addition to seeing a counselor and starting to take "a lot of really expensive medicines," the star says he had to make a lot of changes in his personal life to fight for happiness.

"I've learned to not take life so serious and learned to enjoy it and had a lot of help in doing that," Nail adds.

Much of that help, he says, came from his wife, Catherine. "She's just been there, and there have been so many moments where I wouldn't have blamed her for leaving," he furthers. "I think she always believed there was a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel."

While Nail's battle with depression was very private, the singer is speaking out now with the hope that he can inspire and encourage people who may be in the same place that he was just a few years ago. He wants others who may also be struggling with depression to know that he gets it.

Today, Nail says that he has "a lot more good days than bad days," and with a new album and even more hits on the way, it looks like he will really be able to enjoy it.

'I'm a Fire' is Nail's third album and will be released on Tuesday (March 4). He is currently on the road with Darius Rucker's True Believers Tour.

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