Hey! Remember the 90's? As a kid growing up in the 90's, one of the coolest things to hit the shelves was Crystal Pepsi. It ranked right up there with Surge or Jolt.

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Pepsi fans can expect to see Crystal Pepsi hit convenience store shelves across the country. No word yet on when it will get to Montana. We put in a call to Harrington Distributing to get the scoop, but we haven't received a call back yet. However, it should be in stores before the end of the summer because, honestly? Who wants to drink Crystal Pepsi in the winter? If I remember correctly, Crystal Pepsi was popular with kids, but it wasn't a huge hit with adults when it came out in the 90's. Maybe it will be like acid washed jeans, and be more popular the second time around. To me it's sort of like the "Black Whopper" from Burger King. Something about it just doesn't seem right.