Okay, I'll admit it.  I read girly magazines.  Actually, there are some really great articles sometimes.  I was looking through Redbook recently and found that the type of coffee a guy drinks can tell a female what type of lover he is! :)

The interview was with Alan Hirsch, M.D. author of "What's Your Food Sign" and he says, that the following will help you figure him out:

  • Black Coffee -- he's aggressive and ambitious.
  • Chai Latte -- he's shy, stubborn, and cranky.
  • Iced Mocha -- he's seductive, dramatic, and flirtatious.
  • Cafe Au Lait -- he's totally traditional.
  • Hot Chocolate -- he's a dreamy romantic.
  • Iced Tea with Lemon -- he's sexually shy and inhibited.

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