August in one of the most popular times of the year to head outside and enjoy the outdoors. One of the best ways to do this is by camping and immersing yourself in nature. Unfortunately not everyone has the same respect for nature.

I guess it needs to be said: Please clean up after yourself!

Earlier this week the Fish and Wildlife Preserve (FWP) Enforcement and Fisheries where tasked with cleaning up "multiple illegal camp sites at Cherry River FAS north of Bozeman on the East Gallatin River,” stated the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (Region 3) on Facebook.

If you see an illegal camp or dump site please call 1-800-TIP-MONT.

Here are some tips for when you are out camping:

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    Pack Out What You Pack In

    Inspect your campsite before you leave and make sure there isn’t any trash or spilled foods. Be sure to pack out all trash and leftovers. This is one of those leave-it-as-you-found-it moments in life. You want your site to look just like you found it and have there be little to no sign that you were even there.

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    Have a Multi-Purpose Tool

    Whether it’s just a night or several, it’s always great to have a tool that you can use for several purposes. We have a tool that we always keep in the vehicle that is a sledge hammer, an axe and a shovel. Another tool that is great to have is a Swiss Army Knife. So many tools all in one place! Typically there is a knife, tweezers (great for removing ticks and splinters), scissors, screw driver and more.

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    Be Quiet

    When it gets late enough, please wind down and listen to the outdoors. That’s one of the best things about camping is listening to nature and enjoying it.

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    Don’t Leave Food Unattended

    Leaving food unattended outdoors is just asking for issues when you are out camping. This is one of those basics that you would think wouldn’t need to be mentioned. But so many animals can get into your food, so only have out the food you are using and pack away in a food locker or in your trunk the food you aren’t actively using.

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    Be Courteous of Fellow Campers

    You aren’t the only one who wants to go camping and enjoy the outdoors, so be considerate and don’t bother other campers' sites, and if someone looks as if they may be in trouble, offer a helping hand if they need it.

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    Minimize Your Impact

    Campfires can cause a lasting impact (as we know with so many fires here in Montana), so keep fires small. Be sure to burn all the wood that is in the pile and put out the fire completely.  If you aren’t using a fire ring then scatter the ashes one they are cool.

    Also, when minimizing your impact, keep your campsite small and stay on the trail.

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