Friday, July 13th is National French Fry Day and to celebrate this fantastic holiday we thought we would compile our list of the best restaurants that have delicious french fries in the Gallatin Valley.

Here are a few of our choices:

  • 1

    Red Chair Cafe

    If you can get here during their happy hour they have an item called "1000 Island Pastrami Fries" and you won't regret eating this delicious dish. Unless you are on a diet.

  • 2


    Located next the Hideaway Lounge, this place has Philly Steak Fries and Reuben Fries that are perfect for sharing with friends but also could be a whole meal as well.

  • 3


    One of their appetizer items is their baked fries with a bunch of different add on treats. Get the baked fries and add shredded chicken and the bacchus curry and you will be in fry heaven.

  • 4

    Copper Whiskey Bar

    Their poutine is fantastic and a treat but you can only get this item when it's their happy hour.

  • 5

    The U Burgers and Shakes

    If you are a fan of In N Out Animal Style fries then you should grab a side of The U Burger's Wild Style Fries. They are fantastic and perfectly compliment their burgers.

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