The question for many locals has become, how badly do you want to see the Brawl of the Wild in person? It will cost you. 

This week is huge for Bobcat football. The MSU Bobcats will be facing off against their in-state rival, the University of Montana Grizzlies, in the annual Brawl of the Wild on Saturday, November 19th.

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Not only is this huge game happening, but College Gameday will be setting up and broadcasting live from Bozeman. So it seems that this Saturday's game might be the hottest ticket in town, and if you haven't seen the prices that people are charging for resale, brace yourself. 

If you don't have Brawl of the Wild tickets for this Saturday and want to find them, you will have to break open your wallet and pay handsomely. 

Photo by Benjamin Sharpe via Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Sharpe via Unsplash

We looked all over the internet for what people are charging for Brawl of the Wild tickets, and here's what we found. 

Craigslist has the largest selection of Cat-Griz tickets available for resale, but the prices range from $115 to $800. Most of these tickets are singles, so you won't be able to bring company. 

Montana State Football via Facebook
Montana State Football via Facebook

Seat Geek has tickets available too, but the prices are all in the $300 to $375 range and are all single tickets. 

Facebook Marketplace is mostly filled with people trying to find tickets for the game this Saturday, and I have a feeling they're coming up empty. 

If you're a hardcore Bobcat fan, these prices might seem reasonable, but some might hesitate to fork over so much cash. This game does carry massive implications, though. If the Bobcats win, they will share the Big Sky Conference crown with Sacramento State and could potentially knock the Grizzlies out of the FCS playoffs. 

Who wouldn't want to see that? 

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