When we said we had a goal to collect 15,000 pounds of food for this year’s Can the Griz XL Country food drive at Smith’s, some people said we were crazy.

We didn’t think so. We knew you’d all step up to the plate, and you did.

Turns out we didn’t collect 15,000 pounds. We collected MORE than that.

We heard from Jill Holder at the Gallatin County Food Bank today that we collected 18,860 dollars/pounds of food. Now THAT is generosity. Thank you, XL Nation!

That number includes all the food collected outside of Smith’s on Friday, Nov. 13, plus the 400 turkeys donated by Kenyon Noble, as well as the checks and cash that were donated.

XL Nation, we simply can’t thank you all enough for making this possible.

While our one-day food drive is over, Can the Griz isn’t. Find out more about how you can donate by going HERE.