What are your thoughts?  I had a Baby Alive when I was a kid.  Feeding it and changing it's diaper didn't encourage me to get pregnant.  FYI, it got constipated and we had to throw it away!

Some parents are outraged by a new breast-feeding doll aimed at little girls. The doll, "Breast Milk Baby," comes with a special halter top that has a flower shaped sensor where nipples would be. When the doll's mouth gets close to the flower shaped sensor, it mimics the noises and movements of a baby drinking milk. A spokesman from the toy company that makes the doll says, "Breast-feeding was a normal part of life before a few greedy pharmaceutical companies tried to make it rich selling artificial milk. A girl who plays with a breast-feeding baby now will think this is the normal way to feed a baby." Child psychiatrist Ned Hallowell said that the doll isn't sexualizing, noting that it's no different than "a little boy standing next to his father shaving and putting on shaving cream." Some people posted messages online claiming the doll encourages children to get pregnant.