Brantley Gilbert started his new project with an astonishing 250 songs in consideration. However, the singer says that he has nearly completed his third album, with nine strong  contenders already chosen for the follow-up to his 2012 gold-selling disc, 'Halfway to Heaven.'

"This one's definitely gonna be rockin'," Gilbert tells Billboard in a recent interview. "It'll have the girl songs on there, too, of course, the little softer side, but it's pretty intense."

Gilbert promises the new collection will be a continuation of his personal journey, saying, "'Modern Day Prodigal Son' [his 2009 debut] told a story, a chapter of my life, from the time I was born 'til the last couple years of high school. 'Halfway to Heaven' picked up where that left off."

"Now it's been more than two years since 'Halfway to Heaven,' so I'll be covering the next chapter of my life and pick up where that one left off," adds Gilbert.

It's been two years between albums for a good reason, though. "I was on the road for a lot of that time, y'know? We've been so busy since 'Halfway to Heaven' came out. We haven't spent that much time at home or got to do much of anything but work," the hardworking singer admits. "I wrote a lot on the road, so a lot of the context is memories and things that happened out there. And, of course, there's a little bit of attitude in there."

Of the remaining songs to be recorded, the 'More Than Miles' singer says that he will look no further than his own catalog for the material. "I don't put out anything I don't write, and I don't write about anything I haven't experienced," he shares.

"A lot of artists are good at picking songs that relate to situations in their lives and can express them well. But I'm a little selfish; it's got to be about me," says Gilbert. "That's the only way I can get that expression, that kind of passion you need for a song. Otherwise I don't feel like it's real."

One real-life situation Brantley may draw creative energy from is his romance to fellow country superstar Jana Kramer. The two confirmed their relationship last year, and just moved in together earlier this year -- leading many to believe that the two are on the fast track to a long-lasting relationship.

When Brantley isn't in the studio or at home spending time with his gorgeous girlfriend, the superstar can be found on the road promoting his current chart-climbing single, 'More Than Miles.' The singer hopes to be able to incorporate his new material into his setlist leading up to the release of his new album.

"We're definitely excited to get in there and play some new songs," he notes. "We've been playing the same ones for quite awhile now. We love 'em, but it's time for something new."

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