On Friday, March 4th,I went to the Brantley Gilbert, Canaan Smith, and Michael Ray concert at The Brick!

This was my first concert at The Brick, and I was very impressed with the venue. The sound was very well done, and the crowd was absolutely incredible. I think The Brick is one of my favorite concert venues.

The first performer was Brian Davis, who writes with Brantley. He played a couple of songs acoustic. It was a good way to get people in their seats. The amount of songs he cowrote with Brantley are impressive. They include "One Hell of an Amen", "Lights of My Hometown", and "Read Me My Rights".

The second performer was Michael Ray. I have been fortunate enough to see Michael a couple of times and meet him. Michael's performance blew me away. His stage presence and audience interaction were incredibly well done. He also sounded just like he does on his album, which I really enjoyed. He used the entire stage and even went into the crowd. I think Michael Ray has a very promising future in this business.


Canaan Smith followed Michael Ray. I have seen Canaan a couple of times and he always has a good performance. He ended up auctioning off a drum for St. Jude, which I thought was awesome. It was a good lead into Brantley.


Brantley Gilbert was absolutely incredible. His setlist was very good (which my sources gave me the correct setlist). He sounded incredible and had a ton of energy. I love how his last two songs were "Kick It in the Sticks" and "Bottoms Up". Brantley also showed a lot of love to the military, which is always nice to see.


Overall, the concert was fantastic. The venue, the crowd, the artists, and the energy was firing on all cylinders. I cannot wait for my next concert at The Brick!

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