Brantley Gilbert draws from his real life in the video for his latest single, "The Weekend."

Directed by Shane Drake, the video features Gilbert's band, his wife Amber and a beloved vintage car.

"We’re getting ready for the next phase. There’s new music coming, in a very different way than people expect from us. But one thing we’re not gonna lose is the real life — and some of the real fun you can have — in this music," Gilbert says in a press release. "That’s what I love about this clip: It’s a lot of pieces of who I am."

The clip begins comically with Gilbert working on his car, which is not going well. When Amber tells him he needs to go shower because his bus is here to pick him up, he drops his wrench in frustration and says, "I'm gonna go do what I'm good at."

She ends up calling him on the road, telling him she sold the Mercury Cougar and that he'll be happier without the frustration in the long run. He and his band members go out to blow off steam and find a party, but it turns out that she's got a big surprise up her sleeve when she turns up at the party, too, driving the car, which is now put back together and running smoothly.

"This isn’t that far off," Gilbert admits. "I’m not a great mechanic … and I do love that old Cougar and my wife. To mix it all up like this, and kinda make it about what every guy wants and gets frustrated about? Well, that’s pretty much here."

“The Weekend” is the lead single from Gilbert’s upcoming new album, The Devil Don’t Sleep, which is set for release on Jan. 13. In early February, the singer will hit the road for his The Devil Don’t Sleep Tour.

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