Brad Paisley's next single off of his upcoming album is an amazing song.

Brad Paisley is known for writing meaningful songs. He is a true wordsmith when it comes to writing songs about real life experience and love. He also has many upbeat songs that are a bit lighter in subject matter. In May, Brad released the first single off of his upcoming album, which will be the 11th of his career. "Without A Fight" featured Demi Lovato, and is one of many collaborations on the album. Rolling Stone's frontman Mick Jagger will be on the new album as well.

Brad released his next single off of the album to country radio today. The song, 'Today' encourages listeners to live in the moment, and take advantage of opportunities to make memories. Personally, I am a huge Brad Paisley fan, and this is the best song he's released in awhile. I'm excited to hear the new album!

Listen to 'Today' below


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