If there is one thing Bozeman has, it's places to take beautiful photos any time of the year. 

Tourists come to Bozeman, Montana year-round for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and many other things. Bozeman has a lot of appeal to visitors, and aside from incredible outdoor activities, a lot of that appeal is credited to its picturesque nature. There's a new place to take that perfect instagram picture every day of the week.

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You will see people stopping in the middle of the road to take pictures or clogging up hiking trails to get a big group photo. Tourists sure know how to ruffle the feathers of locals, but we understand that Bozeman's beauty is something everyone wants to capture in photo.

Locals never take photos of Bozeman because we are fortunate to live here year-round and see this beauty. Do we occasionally take photos of Bozeman when the mood strikes? Yes, of course. Do we impede others' days when we do it? No, because we don't want to be annoying. We also don't want more people to realize how beautiful Bozeman is, move here, and keep driving the prices of homes up. 

The real question stands, then: where are the best and most iconic places to take photos of Bozeman? 

Luckily, we have a litany of places spread throughout Bozeman where you can take wonderful photos, and won't disturb anyone's day. 

From dog parks to downtown to hiking trails, many places are  Instagram-worthy

So what are the most trendy places in Bozeman to take photos for your socials? Check out the list below. 

Bozeman's Most Instagram Worthy Locations

Need a beautiful picture of Bozeman? Here is where you should go to take one.

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