No matter what happens on the football field, Cat fans should be feel excited because we won the 'Can the Griz' competition this year! Way to go, Gallatin Valley!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped chip in with food & cash donations. Here's the finally tally for the friendly competition between the communities of Missoula and Bozeman to see who can raise the most food for their respective food bank's in the two weeks leading up to the annual Cat-Griz football game.

Bozeman raised:

$92,688 in cash - 234, 364 pounds of food = 327, 052

Missoula raised:

$139,606 in cash - 177,876 = 317,482

This is the 15yr (out of 17) that the 'Can the Griz' competition has been won by the Gallatin Valley Food Bank in Bozeman.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and a BIG thank you to Jill, Laura, and the entire staff of the Gallatin Valley Food Bank who worked so tirelessly during the competition to ensure our success!