At approximately 10am on Tuesday, the Bozeman Police posted the following information to the department's Facebook Page.


Over the past few days the Bozeman Police Department has received concerns regarding some suspicious behavior near two south side residences.

On Saturday night, February 20th, a male was seen standing outside a residence in the 1000 block of South Grand. The male had been reportedly seen at a party near the residence the previous evening. On February 22nd, the same male was seen again walking out of the back yard of a residence in that same 1000 block of S. Grand. It was found the male did not live in this residence.

Officers were unable to locate this or any other individual at the time of these reports. The description of the male was that he was a white, college aged male with some kind of pony-tail wearing a green jacket.

Today we were advised that on Wednesday night, February 17th, a male followed a female to her home near 1200 S. Bozeman. The male followed her on a bicycle and stood across the street from her house watching her enter her home. This male was described as being a white-college age male wearing a dark green jacket.

It is undetermined in any of these calls if this is the same male or what the intent of the male is. However, given the repeated calls to these south side areas, we want all citizens to be cautious and report any suspicious behavior immediately.

We care about your safety. We would also remind all residents of the following safety tips:
If you see something, say something. Call 911 if you see any suspicious persons or behavior in your neighborhood. Provide the best description you can of the person, behavior or other observation. There may be an explanation or you may help prevent a crime.

  1. Travel with a friend. Bozeman is safe! It’s even safer if you travel or walk at night with a friend.
  2. Lock your doors. It’s always a good and safer habit to lock your home and vehicle doors when you’re not home or at night.
  3. Use exterior security lights. Lights help prevent crime.

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