Parking is a hot-button issue for many locals in the Bozeman area, and many people would appreciate some clarity. 

Parking in Bozeman has become a massive issue for many locals who aren't sure what exactly the parking laws are, and they have valid concerns.

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Even though public parking downtown is a problem, we also have to consider residential parking. People on Facebook are asking questions about the rules regarding parking on streets and why there is so much inconsistency. 

Photo by Jackson Simmer via Unsplash
Photo by Jackson Simmer via Unsplash

So we did a deep dive into Bozeman Parking Rules and Laws, and it's an exciting read. Here are five facts you might not know: 

  1. First off is the 72-hour violation. This means you can't leave your vehicle in the same spot for more than three days, or you could receive a citation. This law helps prevent people from leaving their campers, boats, and other vehicles out on the streets for too long. 
  2. Residential Parking Permits. In certain areas around Bozeman High School and MSU, if you want to park on the street, you will need to purchase a permit. This permit is to help with congestion and helps residents find parking in the area. 
  3. Don't park against the flow of traffic. Even if you live on a street without traffic, you can receive a $50 fine. Trust me. 
  4. The Rolling Rule. If you park in downtown Bozeman and use up the two hours of free parking, you will need to move your car to a new block. The City of Bozeman has a law that if you drive to a new spot on the same block, you will get a ticket. You need to go to a whole new area to park. 
  5. Many of the long-term RVs, campers, and tents aren't technically illegal. This is because these vehicles being parked on streets that haven't developed businesses or residential housing. Parking complaints aren't valid. 

These are a few of the weird and interesting facts we found about Bozeman parking. We know that people still have questions that need answers, and hopefully, we will get that soon. 

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