'Wounded Warrior Project' surprised at John Bozeman's Bistro.

A member of XL Nation posted this story on our Facebook page. After reading it, we feel that more people need to know about the good deed that was done for our service men and women at John Bozeman's Bistro on Saturday night.

It is a truly inspiring story, and we commend the person who decided to pick up the tab for our veterans.

"This past Saturday night I experienced one of the most admirable and wonderful acts of kindness and gratitude all due to the generosity of one man at John Bozeman's Bistro. My name is Meghan and I have been a server at the Bistro for a few years.
We had a large table of 25 who we found out were military and all part of the "wounded warrior" project. The entire staff and patrons of the restaurant were touched by these heroic men and women who have given up so much so we can live in a free country.
One gentleman in particular was extremely grateful for these courageous men and women - so much so that he picked up their entire tab which was well over $1000.00!
When they found out he had picked up their tab, each one went to his table and personally thanked him. So many of us, staff and customers alike, were moved to tears.
This type of benevolence should not be overlooked and we thank you!
So many of us take our freedoms for granted. The sacrifices of these amazing men and women who serve our country should never go unnoticed and John Bozeman's Bistro thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.
We also thank the altruism of one particular customer who also said "thank you" in a very special way."

It's stories like this that help to restore my faith in the human race. It's proof that there's still hope...