Today is my day!  No, it isn't my birthday, that's in February just in case you're thinking of getting me a gift. Today is National Radio Day!

I love Radio. I've always loved it, which is probably one of the reasons I spend a whole lot of my time in a radio station.

I knew at a very early age that Radio is what I wanted to do for a living.  I've tried to leave, heck, I even went and got myself a degree and had a "real job" for a while, only to come back to my first love.  Radio.

Radio in Bozeman is alive and well. Even though people might listen to it differently, the fact is, that people are still listening to it just as much or more than they ever have.

Radio allows a relationship to happen in the most unlikely way. That relationship happens when the talent and the listener connect.  We share our lives and stories with you, and in return, you share yours with us.  We become friends.  We become invested in each other.  I can't tell you how many wonderful friendships I've made through my job.

microphone in radio studio

I've spent almost 30 years of my life in this business, and all I've heard from people is that "radio is dead" yet, here we are. Radio isn't dead, it is evolving.  It is becoming more than it's ever been.

Through apps, and smart speakers, and websites, people can still listen to their favorite station. In fact, let's say that you decide to take a trip to Europe and yet you still want to listen to XL Country to see what's happening in Bozeman.  Not a problem.  Click on the XL Country app and we're right there with you.

Of course, we can't forget about advertising. Radio is without a doubt a business owner's best option, and when you throw in the fact that you can have your business on the radio, websites, and apps, well, it's super cost-effective.

So today is a day to raise a glass, make a toast, and celebrate by turning up the volume a little.  Happy National Radio Day!

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