We know there are many questions on why Bozeman would ban fireworks, and here's what we learned.

If you haven't heard Bozeman is on the verge of banning fireworks for the upcoming 4th of July, and some folks aren't too happy. Locals like to shoot off fireworks to celebrate America's birthday, so why the change?

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We talked to Bozeman Fire Chief Waldo, and this move makes a lot of sense.

What many folks might not know, fireworks used to be banned in the city limits of Bozeman. Before 2004, you weren't allowed to buy, possess, or discharge fireworks within city limits, but Bozeman changed that and has had strict rules since then.

The only problem, Bozeman has changed quite a bit since 2004, and we need to change with the times.

Photo by Mike Enerio via Unsplash
Photo by Mike Enerio via Unsplash

So why the change now? Chief Waldo explained that over the past several years, the number of complaints emergency services have received due to fireworks has made it a huge issue.

Plus, this doesn't include over the past several years the Gallatin Valley has dealt with droughts. These dry conditions, paired with fireworks, have caused several fires.

One problem with fireworks that people ignore is the clean-up. People will shoot off their fireworks and leave the discharged fireworks on the ground on the road, and there is debris on cars and buildings. It's a nuisance.

Another reason why fireworks are being banned is people have been ignoring the ordinance and shooting off fireworks at all hours of the day and night, and this causes problems with young children, folks with PTSD, and many animals.

Photo by Ian Schneider via Unsplash
Photo by Ian Schneider via Unsplash

The upside is the City of Bozeman will be hosting its 1st ever-firework show. This firework show will be a massive spectacle for everyone to enjoy.

The firework ban isn't official yet, but it could become official at the city meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd.

So this Fourth of July, plan your BBQ, get together with friends and enjoy the show the City of Bozeman has planned. It's going to be a spectacle you don't want to miss.

We thank Bozeman Fire Chief Waldo for speaking with us about the possible banning.

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