Our Bozeman firefighters are getting ready to conquer 69 flights of stairs-in full gear!--all to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In the past 5 years our Bozeman Fire Fighters, with great support of family and friends, along with individuals and business members of Bozeman, have raised OVER $45,000 to fight blood cancers!

Over 1,800 climbers (firefighters) will climb with them. check out the video below of a previous climb:

Money from this event will come back to Montana in the form of scholarships, medical treatments, equipment and research your dollars MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

In 2015, Team Bozeman proudly climbed in honor of their friend Frank Foster, sadly 2 weeks before the 2015 event Frank passed away after an 11 month battle with Lymphoma. Last year, as 1,800 climbers passed the 26th floor, there was a oversized photo of Frank with the title IN HONOR OF, reminding us why to not to give up: He never did. It's with heavy hearts this year members will climb in memory of Frank.

This year our local firefighters will be racing up the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle. Bozeman Firefighters will be running up 69 flights of stairs in full fire gear and SCBA (approx 45+lbs). And again, they are doing this to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

If you would like to support them, here is some info you need:

Thank you for your support!  Remember, every dollar counts when someone's life depends on it!

You can donate online here OR drop off a check at any of the 3 Bozeman Firehouses;

Firehouse 1: Downtown, 34 N Rouse   Firehouse 2: on South 19th just North of Dickerson, or Firehouse 3;Next to the 100 acre park AKA Dino park.

Make checks to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and memo Bozeman Fire L613

Team L613, Josh 1st year climber, Mark 2nd year climber, Thaddeus 3rd year climber , Scott 1st year climber, Josh 6th year and Dave 4th year.