Bozeman police want you to be on the alert for a phone scam that has been reported recently. An individual calling from the phone number 406.224.9445 is claiming to be from the Bozeman Police Department and requests that the person they're talking with report to the police station to fill out paperwork.

The caller, who reportedly has a Southern accent, then offers the option of skipping the trip to the police station by letting him assist you over the phone. He will ask you for your personal info that includes Social Security number, birthday, current address, and full name.

The Bozeman police want you to know that they will NEVER solicit your personal information over the phone.

If you receive one of these calls, here is what the Bozeman police recommend: Separate yourself from the call to make a calm and collected assessment of the situation. Should you have any questions or concerns, you can call the Bozeman Police Department’s non-emergency line, 406-582-2000 or stop by the Police Station (615 S. 16th Avenue OR 30 N. Rouse Avenue).

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