From wolves to bears,and hailstorms to the economy, the top Bozeman stories of 2010 range from good to bad; and everything in between. Take a look as the Bozeman Daily Chronicle walks us through the top stories of the last year.

The Top 10 story lists that crop up everywhere at this time of year inevitably include a lot of bad news. And while the Chronicle's list of top stories in 2010 certainly includes some of, it also contains a refreshing amount of good news, too.

The bad news in 2010 included the fatal shooting of Montana Highway Patrol Trooper David DeLaittre earlier this month, followed by the suicide death of the shooter, Errol Brent Bouldin, in his pickup truck 30-some miles north of Three Forks. Online voters and the entire staff of the Chronicle ranked that the No. 1 story of the year.

Other unhappy news included the June 30 hailstorm, the grizzly bear attack on a Cooke City campground that killed one camper and the October arrest of former Bozeman High School track coach James Michael Evans on charges of "sexting" female runners.

Falling somewhere between good and bad news, depending on the reader's point of view, were the ongoing story of how best to manage the growing population of wolves outside Yellowstone National Park.

The same could be said of the economic news. Although unemployment hovered above 7 percent and nonprofit organizations reported record demand for social services ranging from food to housing in 2010, a surprising number of new businesses opened in Bozeman and the federal government injected more than $120 million into the Gallatin County economy.

On the good news end of the spectrum, the Chronicle's Top 10 list included the city of Bozeman getting a handle on how best to manage the explosion of medical marijuana sales in the city, the arrival of the new Montana State University President Waded Cruzado to seemingly universal acclaim and the beginning of construction to fill in the hole left behind by the 2009 natural-gas explosion downtown.

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