Sometimes you just want a place where you can have a nice, casual drink and not deal with crowds and rowdy college kids.

When I first arrived here in Bozeman back in 2014 I loved going downtown and having a great time at all the big crowd bars. From Rocking R to Bar IX, I had a great time when I was in my mid-20's. Probably because I still had a great tolerance and I loved the party atmosphere. The thing is now, over the past few years I have realized I enjoy the nice, slow atmosphere of bars now where I can hear myself think and enjoy conversations with people. I also enjoy not dropping a large amount of money on regular drinks.

If you are like me, and possibly new to the area, you might be wondering where are these bars I speak of. Well, they are spread out but every single bar will give you the same thing. Great place to watch sports, have a drink, and not deal with loud noises.

One of my favorite spots is the Hideaway Lounge. They don't get a lot of press because a lot of folks forget they exist. It's a great bar though. They have great draft beers, affordable prices, and everyone there is super laid back.

Then there is Korner Klub out in Four Corners. I love going to the Korner Klub with my friends for a great lunch or dinner and they just have a fun atmosphere. You can't go wrong with their buffalo bites.

The only other bar I love going to stay away from the crowds is Pourhouse in Downtown Bozeman. I know this might seem like a controversial pick but the Pourhouse during the weekends and at lunch is my favorite place to go to. They have great drinks, delicious food, and it's more catered towards an older crowd.

Are there any bars I missed? Let me know.

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