The Downtown Bozeman Association announced that over two dozen alcohol licensed businesses have made the decision for their front line workers in their bars and restaurants to wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Mike Hope, the owner of the Rocking R Bar led the effort to get many downtown places behind the effort.

So far the bars and restaurants that are included are: Rocking R, Bar IX, 317 Pub, The Pourhouse Bar and Grill, Room 1, Open Range Steak House, El Camino, American Legion, The Crystal Bar, Copper Whiskey Bar and Restaurant, Main Street Overeasy, Jam!, The Cannery, Burger Bob's, Bacchus Pub, Bozeman Spirits Distillery, Union Hall Brewery, Backcountry Burger Bar, Nina's, Urban Kitchen, Salted Caramel Cafe, 14 North, Shine Beer Sanctuary, Mackenzie River Pizza-Bozeman, Montana Ale Works, Dave's Sushi and Revelry.

There are several establishments outside of downtown Bozeman that have also been included and will make their front line workers wear masks and that includes: Club Tavern and Grill, The Molly Brown, Sidewinders, Bay Bar and Grill, Tanglewood, The Cat's Paw, Scoop Bar, Fiesta Mexicana, Wild Rye Distillery and Pizza Campania.

The biggest reasoning behind this is due to the recent increase of COVID-19 cases in the Gallatin County. Many of these bars and restaurants want to put the right foot forward and help the spread of COVID-19 and not go backwards.

Honestly, this is fantastic and it goes to show you that all of these people care about everyone that comes into their establishment and I applaud them.

I can't wait to go and visit every single one of these places for their dedication to keep their patrons safe. Thank you.

For more details, check out the Downtown Bozeman Association.

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