I am now in a bowling league, and I played for the first time last night.  No, I did not break 100.  I did, however, have a blast, drink some beer, and have a night out with my husband.

My teammates don't seem to care that I am a horrible bowler.  The team next to us laughed at me a couple of times, but I don't care.

After one night, I have a new ball picked out, new shoes, and some bowling shirts for the team.  If I am going to bowl on a regular basis, I am getting my own shoes for sure, because there is not enough beer out there to make this germaphobe  forget I am using shoes that countless other people have had on their feet.

Same with the ball.  You know there are some nose picking, no hand washing people who have had their fingers in there.

Then there's the shirt, and I say, if you're going to be in a team sport, you need a cute uniform.

I am excited for next week, and hope this serves as inspiration for you to get out and enjoy some time with your friends, spouse or partner...even if, like me, you should be an athletic supporter instead of an athlete!

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