I can't wait to see more partnerships come out in the future because honestly, this sounds like a great idea.

With ski season about to start for Big Sky Resort, they have announced a partnership with MAP Brewing Company to commemorate the installation of the Swift Current 6 Chair Lift, which will debut this ski season. The Swifty Session Pale Ale is described as a light and refreshing beer, and look at that can, it's a great design. 

As you can tell, Big Sky Resort is very excited to debut its new chairlift this ski season. The Swift Current 6 will be the fastest six-person chairlift in North America to help skiers and snowboarders get more runs during their ski day. 

Credit: Big Sky Resort via Facebook

With Big Sky Resort teaming up with MAP Brewing Company to help promote the debut of their ski lift, that goes to show the out of box thinking they have when it comes to marketing, and I love it. Especially, because MAP Brewing Company is known as one of the best breweries in not only the Bozeman area but in all of Montana. 

Right now, the Swifty Session Pale Ale is on MAP Brewing's website as a coming soon beer, but we wouldn't be surprised if you see this beer debut at the brewery next week after the holiday weekend and probably see six-packs of this beer at our local grocery stores as well. 

I hope that this is just the beginning of breweries and ski resorts teaming up to debut new aspects of their mountain to raise awareness and build excitement. Plus, this beer sounds pretty tasty. 

For more details, check out Big Sky Resort

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