One of the most iconic businesses is moving out, and now we can only speculate on what will be next. 

We all know that Cactus Records, after 35 years of being a downtown landmark, will be moving out of their current downtown location, and relocating to a new spot. The reason why Cactus Records has to move is that the building is being sold, and the new owners want to start fresh. 

So what does that mean for the building Cactus Records is moving out of? Well, that means changes are coming. We fully expect the floors above the first floor will probably be renovated into high-valued condos or apartments. That would be the smart play. What about the first floor? 

That's where things could get interesting for the building. That storefront alone is so valuable in Downtown Bozeman you are essentially forced to let one of two things go in that space. Either a restaurant or a retail store will have to go in that main level space. 

What would we like to see personally go in that location? Well, I would prefer for Cactus Records to stay, but that's not happening. You would have to put a business that not only fits Bozeman but downtown as well. I would personally love to see another delicious breakfast spot open up to combat the popularity of brunch on the weekends or maybe a restaurant that offers a different cuisine we haven't seen in Bozeman before. 

The only retail store that would make sense to take over that space is an outdoor company, that would be popular year-round. North Face, Columbia, or maybe even a Patagonia store, all of those would all be fantastic for Downtown Bozeman. 

The wild card is what if they turned the first floor into a lobby and made that building into a high-end boutique hotel. With the Armory being so attractive and in the heart of downtown, that would probably do very well. 

Either way, change is coming to Downtown Bozeman. 

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