If you're ever in need of a little pick-me-up, check out the 'Missed Connections' section on Craigslist in Bozeman. You can thank us later.

The first one is a little creepy, don't you think?

Fly fishing girl at Safeway (Safeway Bozeman)

You’re a sweet little blonde in yoga pants this past Friday buying chips to take with you fly fishing. We had a brief conversation about fly fishing. I found you to be very sexy and interesting. If your [sic] interested in a ice [sic], married, older fishing buddy, send me an email. You can call me Daddy!

Have a great day sexy.

This person doesn't normally go for the type that reads the missed connections section of Craigslist, but they figured they'd give it a shot.

Girl from 317 (Bozeman)

Girl, we had a really fun little talk before your friends stole you away. You clearly support astronautical endeavors and lunar exploration, the 4th of July, shopping at target, and you have a pretty cool job. I meant to ask you to get coffee at some point, but never got the chance. I typically don't go for the type that reads the missed connections section of craigslist though, so if you see this, email me! and we can evaluate our new catch 22 of a situation.

I feel like this person is a little upset.

JT from VC (Belowgrade)

For 17 years we've known each other and as per YOUR written words you won't change. You'll have a much better chance getting laid by the drunk chick at JR'S ... good luck finding meaningful lasting togetherness that way. I gave you another chance (my stupid❤again) Trust and BELIEVE I am done wasting any more time with your brand of insanity! And that VIENNA SAUSAGE button sewed to that pile of hair ... Good luck wit dat too!
Roger that
Over n' Out

This person apparently likes to spend time reading a good book inside of Burger King.

Burger King (Bozeman)

I was a male in a red hoodie with brown pants, I was there reading from 9am-12pm...

You where a blonde female with a tattoo on your right hand, sexiest smile I have ever seen in my life, You sat down to eat a chicken salad while reading some paper...

I wanted to sit next to you and talk but I was shy, I got a plain coffee and looked at you and got a last smile from you...
If you see this, I hope your single and can take you out on a date...

Were you the one in a pink dress at Costco?

Pink dress at Costco (Bozeman)

You were shopping at Costco on Sunday around 11. You were wearing a pink dress, and a cardigan sweater over the top. We crossed each others paths a few times and smiled at eachother [sic]. You are blonde, mid to late 30s I'm guessing, and absolutely gorgeous with a great smile! Hoping u see this, because if you do, I'd love to see u again and actually talk to u.

Ride em', Cowboy

Cowboy at Walmart Saturday

I saw you at Walmart early Saturday morning. You were from out of town (according to your plates) and stocking up on things. I liked the way we kept running into each other in the aisles. I enjoyed your smiles and respectful nods. I didn't see a wedding ring, which made me wonder if it ever gets lonely out where you live? I live in Bozeman, and it gets lonely here.

Hmm ... Not so sure about this approach.

Ginger (Belgrade)

You are the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes upon. I'm gonna wear these tires out as fast as I can just so I can look at that perfect bubble butt of yours one more time.






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