According the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks a 17-year-old boy was attacked by a bear south of Ennis on Sunday.  Based on the teen's description the bear was most likely a grizzly bear.  He survived the attack with relatively minor injuries.

It was reported that the teen "was walking down a hill around 2 p.m. when he heard a 'thump' behind him. He turned around to see a bear charging at him. The teen was carrying bear spray, but he was unable to deploy it immediately because of the bear’s rapid approach. The bear pushed him up against a tree and held him there momentarily. When the bear let go, the teen fell over and attempted to crawl between two trees and protect his head and vitals. The bear then pinned him face-down on the ground. The teen, who was wearing a hoodie and a backpack, said he was able to reach over his shoulder and spray the bear with bear spray, and the bear left."

FWP has notified people who live in the area of the attack and reminds everyone to be cautious of bears. More details on the incident here.

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