The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is asking residents to be on the lookout for a 1973 Bell camp trailer.

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

The trailer was stolen from the lot at the intersection of Gallatin Road and Gooch Hill Road a few days ago. The camper is painted solid white and has a sticker on the back right window of a cat wearing an astronaut helmet, a “C” sticker on the back window, and an “Area 51” sticker on the back left window.

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office
  • Last known plate is MT 6-48677B
  • VIN: 134917

A witness stated the day before the camper was taken, he noticed a late 70’s white Chevy pickup by the camper. The Chevy may be a LUV or S10 and has a silver roll bar in the bed of the pickup. The witness said the man associated with the pickup was seen looking around at the trailer and the hitch. The man was described as a white male in his late 20’s, slender build, “average” height (5’7" ish) with short light-colored hair.

If anyone sees this trailer or pickup, please call 582-2100, option 2, to speak to a deputy.