I love these guys! And so should you!  They were on the XL Country morning show today (Friday, May 5th), with info about their Kickstarter campaign, plus they played one of their original songs. 

The Bad Intentions are a local country band who got started in Bozeman.  They perform at some of my favorite places:  Mixer's, the Legion Club, and Stacey's.    They'll be at the American Legion tonight and tomorrow if you want to check them out.

They also performed on Music On Main last year, and have been touring Montana and Wyoming for the past year.  The are performing at Headwaters Country Jam this year on Friday night.

They've put together a catalog of original songs to create their first real studio album, but like most of us, they are out of money!

They're just asking for $10/person and you get their new cd!  Plus, when they are famous millionaires, you can say, "I knew them when...", and that you helped them get their first cd going.

If you missed the interview and song this morning, click below.

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