We have all been the victim of ghosting or the one who has done the ghosting. First dates can be awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes...the worst time of our lives. Having our friends text us a "code word" to get us out of there, only to ghost the person from that day forward.

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What if that person really wasn't so bad? Maybe they just didn't know what to talk about. Your beauty was so stunning it made things a bit weird. How can we fix this or make the first date the beginning of a great relationship?

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The typical questions,  "where do you work", "what kind of things do you do for fun", "what is your sign", are all lame and could make for a quite boring first date. I discovered an app that can help your first date not be so lame. Perhaps, get you from being ghosted or ghosting your date.
50 First Date Questions: It's an app that has a bunch of questions (50+) to make the awkward silence non-existent or at least less noticeable. Some of the questions are typical and some are a little more risky. Either way, its a great ice breaker and gets some things put on the table right away. The more you laugh the better! I am sure there are more apps you can look into, other fun ice breaker games to play, but this is one you can try. If it doesn't work, just delete it and pretend this never happened, and yes, you can ghost me!

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