I'm going to preface this writing with the fact that my mom drove Audis during my entire childhood, and I don't remember her being a jerk driver. But who knows. I was just a kid.

The latest online complaint session about driving in the Bozeman area was about drivers of a certain brand of cars. We're all aware that it's a slippery slope for the keyboard warriors once a couple people start bitching...all of a sudden it's a gang mentality of "YEAH! Those people are the WORST!"

Gripes about Audi drivers included speeding in school zones, insanely quick and/or aggressive lane changes, parking way too close or taking up two spots in parking lots, and definitely, plenty of tailgating. The tailgating. Miles and miles of tailgating stories.

  • "Everyday there's a lady who races the school bus. She's terrified of getting caught behind it so she basically races her Audi through an intersection to beat the bus. Every single morning."
  • "If you're being tail gated, there's a 90% chance it's by an Audi."
  • "Audi drivers pretend they're race car drivers. They're not."
  • "Watch one join the interstate. They're convinced they have the right of way vs. a semi truck."
  • "Young trustfund punks and rich soccer moms. Love them some Audis."

When you Google "what are Audi drivers known for"...the returns aren't very flattering. The gripes of Bozeman drivers about Audi drivers certainly isn't contained to our area alone. It's global. According to ThisIsMoney.co.uk:

Audi drivers have built-up a generally poor reputation in recent years. Ask motorists what brand of car they're usually tailgated by or observe not indicating when turning or changing lane and commonly the answer is the maker with the four-ring logo.

The negative views don't stop there. That would be getting off too lightly. The reputation of Audi drivers was continually called out as "questionable" at best. Certainly not the most relaxed and law-abiding. The article from the UK continued:

Driving data collated on more than 150,000 motorists in the UK found that motorists behind the wheel of the German brand's sporty S3 have the lowest score when rated by an app measuring if people speed, corner too quickly and use their phone at the wheel.


Photo by Karl Köhler on Unsplash
Photo by Karl Köhler on Unsplash
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For what it's worth, even though I'd have to agree with local Audi drivers being notorious for tailgating...I do love those cars. (When not driven like a jerk), they're stylish, modern, and fun to drive. My neighbor down the street has an newer Audi S7 and he kindly let me take it for a spin. I would be lying if I said I didn't drive it a bit like a jerk...but I made sure to do it in private off any main roads.

You know, a twin-turbo V6 engine with 444 HP IS FREAKIN FUN TO DRIVE LIKE YOU OWN THE TOWN. It's just best to not do that in front of anybody. There are still a few roads around here where you can appreciate performance. No need to tailgate me all the way down College. That's why people always flip you the bird.

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