I've already been accused (by Joe) of playing both sides, so really, I have nothing to lose by posting these pictures.

April Fools' Day is pretty serious business here at the XL Country studio.

First, Joe stole Amy's "bling phone." You know the one. It's a basic beige desk phone that Amy blinged out with sparkles. Before Amy came in this morning to host the morning show (alone, because Dave is out this morning) Joe hid her phone and left only a strip of sparkles behind as a reminder.

Of course, Amy retaliated. She took Joe's favorite Kansas City Chiefs mug and took it for a trip around the office for a photo shoot. That's what you're looking at above. My favorite is of Amy's dog Charlie eating treats off of the mug.

What will happen next? Only time will tell. It's still early.

What pranks have you been involved with today?