I've only played the Lottery once before when the jackpot was $1.6 billion. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to win that much money, but I never realized how easy it is to play the scratch off tickets.
The Montana Lottery has three special holiday scratch games: Frosty Fun $1, Holiday Cash $1, and Winter Ice Doubler $2. At that price, it's easy to gift a handful to coworkers who you aren't really sure what to get or that one friend who already seems to have everything she wants. They are fun stocking stuffers (For adults! Must be 18 to play).
I took a shot myself with Holiday Cash:
I had a $1,000 spot, but sadly it wasn't paired
with the tree symbol that was needed to win:
My holiday shopping would definitely be more fun with an extra $1,000 and I like the idea that gifting someone a ticket could mean they'd have some surprise money. If they scratched a winner, I'd love to know what they ended up buying. Perhaps a trip home to visit family, a new phone, or shopping for new outfits.
If they go clothes shopping I'd insist on tagging along. That is what friends are for! 😊

As you start (or wrap up) your holiday shopping, grab some Lottery tickets. It could lead to a story your friends and family will still be telling after New Year's!