How'd I get into the radio business?

Vera the bus driver - that’s how it all started for me.

Vera drove a school bus with a radio and every morning on the way to school, we would listen to a local morning show and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I was 9 years old when I told my parents that “when I grow up, I’m going to be on the radio!”

I grew up in the town of Sedalia, Missouri, which is about an hour east of Kansas City (GO CHIEFS!!!). Sedalia is famous for a few things: The Missouri State Fair, Ragtime Music, and the Guberburger - It’s a hamburger, peanut butter, tomato, and lettuce on a bun. It sounds disgusting and tastes amazing!

While most kids were doing homework or outside playing, I was listening to the radio. My dad once told me, “If you put as much effort into school as you do listening to that radio, you’d be on the Honor Roll.” He wasn’t wrong; however I was obsessed with the radio. The music, the DJs, all of it!

At 12, I was in my room making fake radio shows with a boom box and a tape recorder. I would use the ads in the newspaper as commercials; I would read the news and do the weather. At 16, I had a weekly spot on a local AM station to do the High School News. Finally, my shot came and at 17, I was hired part time. My responsibilities included taking out the trash, recording the weather on the Weather Line and making sure the station didn’t burn down.

At some point after, someone made the decision to actually let me talk and be on air (pretty sure they were reprimanded for that) and the rest is history.

I’ve done this radio thing for over 25 years and I can’t imagine a better life. I get to wake up every morning and hang out with my friends (even if I can’t see them)

I’m married to the greatest woman on the planet (Jules) and we have two dogs, (Eugene the Basset Hound, and Fletcher the Black Mouth Cur). We are beyond excited to be living in Bozeman and if you see us around town, please come up and introduce yourself! We’re new here and love meeting new people!

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