When I think of beer I don't normally think about where it was made.  I have to say Alaskan Brewing Co. is stepping up in the Eco-friendly world.  They are using beer to help power their beer making. 

A new $1.8 Million boiler that will use some of the spent grain to burn,  this new boiler may cost a lot up front but it will end up reducing the oil consumption by 60-70 percent.  Why would they do such a thing?  Well they normally spend a lot of money to dry the used up grain.  This grain gets shipped to the lower 48 states for cattle feed.  So they are using some of the dried grains to power a steam generator that will produce more dried grains.

This is pretty awesome if you are a geek like me!  Not only are they producing great beer but they are reducing their dependance on oil as well.  Sounds like a win win to me.  All this talk of beer is making me thirsty!

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