I spend a lot of time on Bozeman's Facebook Marketplace.

In fact, I spend too much time there. It's like a garage sale, except I don't have to drive around town and walk up to your house and look through your stuff while you stare at me and wonder if I'm stealing anything.

Let me back up a little.

My wife's car gave up the ghost after 360 thousand miles, so I've been looking for something local and used.  A couple of things, first off, some of you are asking way too much for that Subaru with 200 thousand miles.  Second, it never fails, I end up going down the market place rabbit hole.

My Mother in law is coming to visit us here in Bozeman next month and since my wife didn't like my suggestion of her staying at a hotel...in Billings, we needed to find something for the spare bedroom.  Hence, how we ended up buying a really nice day bed off Facebook Marketplace the other day from a wonderful lady who was beyond helpful and even delivered it to our place.

Let me tell you what I learned.  When selling something on Facebook Market Place, apparently there are some Do's and Do Not's.

First, the Do's.

  • State up front first come, first serve
  • State your preferred method of payment
  • Let people know where they are on the list (example: "you're number 3 on the list, I will let you know if it falls through with the other 2)
  • Check out the person's Facebook profile to make sure they aren't some sort of creeper
  • Once the item is sold, either take it down or update the post and say "Sold"

Now the Do Not's

  • If your Spidey senses are going off, don't meet them at your place.
  • Don't buy something unless you've checked it out and over
  • If you are selling something, don't ghost the people inquiring about the item
  • Don't tell someone that it's theirs and then sell it to someone else
  • Don't sell something that you know is junk

I'm sure there are other Do's and Do Not's that can be added to the list.  If you have one or two, I would love to hear them.  Happy shopping!

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