"Spend your money, then go home"

Former Governor Brian Schwitzer said that back in the early 2000's during North American Indian Days in Browning, MT.

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Lisa Schnee DeMars used his quote when I posed the question "In 6 words describe Montana to someone who has never been here," on our Facebook pages.

It was the prevailing theme for most of the responses we got across all our Facebook pages. Montana has always had a bit of "mean" side when it comes to tourists and visitors.

There is a love/hate relationship with tourism in our state. We're dependent on it for our economy, but doesn't mean we aren't happy when they leave.

An alarm clock with the text "time to go home"

It wasn't all doom and gloom though. We had plenty of responses that ranged from romantic, honest, funny, sad, and angry.

All in all we had well over 100 responses so getting it down to the 20 best wasn't easy.

That's why we've got a few honorable mentions before we get to the cream of the crop.

Best Huckleberry anything, beautiful drives, Gods country - Candice Schuster

That was 7 words so that's why it missed the cut, but it's pretty accurate

Full up. North Dakota is nice. – Bob Church

It’s full. Wyoming is open 😂  - Marcia Cassel-Cotton

Plenty of responses about going somewhere else.

Coldest place on the earth period - Laurie Ostrom Fletcher

Just remember winter equals below ZERO - David Hallfrisch

Weather and how cold we are was another reoccurring theme.

Those just missed out on our top 20 best responses which you can see in the gallery below!

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