One of the first things I noticed about Montana was that there are so many license plate options here. Coming from Colorado, I never considered getting a custom plate since they were just like the regular plate but might have a small logo in the middle.

Now that I'm living here, I'm pretty excited to choose which license plate I get to put on my truck. These are the ones that jumped out to me and the ones I think are the coolest.


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    Elizabeth Custer Library and Museum

    I LOVE this license plate! I saw it years ago, and since it's pink (my favorite color) and has a horse and rider, I thought, "How could this license plate be more ME!?"
    But I looked up what it supports, now I'm not so sure.
    The license plate sales go to help and operate The Elizabeth Custer Library & Museum of Frontier Women of the West in Garryowen, Montana. Perhaps I need to take a trip and check out the museum.

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    Beartooth Back Country Horsemen

    The main goal of this group is they want to be sure that public lands remain usable for horses and to help maintain public lands. Back Country Horseman state they actually formed in Montana's Flathead Valley in 1973.

    Although I don't trail ride all that often, this is something that is important to me and I can see myself supporting.

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    A Heart for Horses Inc

    A Heart for Horses is a non-profit that rehabs and rescues horses.

    I would love to be able to support a place that rescues horses. My first horse needed some love and the original owner said she was going to put her down if I didn't take her. With time and care she ended up being an amazing horse and found a good home.

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    Department of Livestock – Livestock Loss Board

    This license plate supports the Livestock Loss Board and helps reduce the impact of wolves and recognizes the complex interactions between livestock, wolves and grizzly bears.

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    Missoula Horseman’s Council and Missoula Equestrian Park

    This is a cool-looking license plate, but I didn't realize it was Missoula. The license plate supports the Big Sky Horse Park and a percentage goes to the Montana Horse council for the whole state on Montana.

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    Montana Cutting Horse Association

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    Museum of the Rockies

    It's so cool that the Museum of the Rockies has its very own license plate! I love supporting local places and this is right in Bozeman.

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