I have so many things to be thankful for. But I had to narrow it down to just 6 that touch my heart every day.

Photo: Ally H.

My husband.  He's always there for me.  Whether it's helping with laundry or just listening when I've had a bad day, he's there.  Plus, he decided to marry me this year!  So extra bonus points for that. :)

Family.  Family is always supportive and always there.  They make the holidays fun, interesting, and never boring. I am always thankful for my parents, but this year I was lucky enough to expand my family when I got married.

Photo: Ally H.

Our house.  We were lucky enough this year to start searching for a home, which can be hard and frustrating here in the Gallatin Valley.  But I am thankful that Jon and I found a home (that we both love), were able to close, and move in after we got married.  Our home is so beautiful and I can't wait to finish unpacking (yes we are slow at unpacking).

Headwaters Country Jam

My job.  I dreamed about working at XL Country and now it's a reality.  Some days I still have a hard time convincing myself that it's real.

Photo: Ally H.

XL Nation and the Bozeman community.  The community here in the Gallatin Valley is unlike any other.  The XL Nation always goes above and beyond and always touches my heart throughout the year.  Whether it's the 'Can the Griz' Food Drive or supporting St. Jude the community always comes through.

Music.  The whole reason I got involved in radio was because of the music.  There are so many artists whose words and music are so inspiring.  Music can affect you and change your mood and life in incredible ways.