It's almost spring break time! I always loved this time of year, even as a grade school kiddo. It was unlimited sleep overs, late nights, and NO school for days! It was THE best!

As I got older, some of my friends would travel to fun places like Florida, Texas, and the rich kids got to go to Mexico. I always envied them. But there was always one family that would take the "family trip" and head to a National Park. I thought that was really cool too.

I lived by South Dakota growing up so a lot of people would head to Mt. Rushmore or Medora (in western North Dakota) and some would make their way out to Yellowstone National Park.

The ones that would go to Yellowstone would always come back with the greatest stories. How pretty it was, the animals they saw, and all the great stuff along the way. It was the perfect way to spend their spring break vacation.

Montana is the 4th largest state in the U.S., and the road trips are endless. If you can't fly away to some all inclusive resort, or beach front property, don't you worry.  Montana has AMAZING towns to check out and of course, the best scenery for miles.

Photo Credit: Purestock/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Purestock/Getty Images

1. Yellowstone National Park. If you are leaving Bozeman and heading east you will have amazing mountain views between Bozeman and Livingston. Make a quick stop in Livingston and shop at Mary's Décor To Adore. She has the best selections of purses, smell goods, and old fashioned candy.

2. Cooke City. This as close as you can get to Yellowstone National Park without actually entering basically. Home to Red Lodge, the mountain views are remarkable. Also a very popular spot for wedding receptions.

3. Virginia City. This is the "mountain town" you think of when you are looking for the good ol fashioned days. Although restored now, you will still get the feeling of the "wild west". You will also get to pass through Ennis, which is the perfect spot to grab some lunch or check out their local brewery.

4. Flathead Lake. Along with the beauty of the lake itself, the mountains surrounding it are to die for. Home to some of the orchards that produce our delicacy of a fruit, the flathead cherry. If you haven't had are missing out. I promise you, they are AH-MAZ-ING.

5. Philipsburg. If you are looking for a sweet treat on your trip, stopping at the local candy store is a must. This quaint town still holds some of it's rustic beauty, but it also can show you what happens with a "boom town" and how it can disrupt the originality of a beautiful towns roots. Luckily, some "blessed" people, helped make Philipsburg back to the town it longed to be.

I know there are SO many more wonderful towns to visit, these are just a few. The entire state of Montana holds a beauty that many will never understand until they actually spend some time driving through.

Get to know the state you live in, even if it is just for a college degree.

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