Ask locals what their favorite things about Bozeman are, and you'll get vastly different answers. But one of the coolest things you'll notice is that the most simple things, end up being the best things about this rapidly growing town. Somehow we haven't lost the pieces of what made this town great to begin with.

Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Butz on Unsplash

Stick with me here, because I'm going to start small - one of my absolute favorite things about this town happens every day. People hold the door for each other when walking in or out of a store. Men for women, women for women, doesn't matter. It was almost a train wreck of polite door-holding at the Kwiky Mart the other day.

Not only does almost everyone hold the door for somebody behind them, you'll surely get a smile and a 'thank you' exchange after that. It's a regular thing in Bozeman and it makes my day every time it happens. I'm a firm believer that good manners breed good manners, and polite words breed polite words. It's a simple, pleasant reality check.

Bozeman remains very generous with it's time and it's money. Those without much money, donate their time more than any community I know of. Those who have money, usually give generously of both their time and money. National Trails Day, charitable events and auctions, community foundations, the Food Bank, or Give Big - Bozeman shows up and does the work. Great places don't remain great places without volunteers and donors.

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Bozeman's HRDC might be one of the strongest pillars of the community. Consider yourself lucky if you're not familiar with what the Human Resource Development Council actually does. Their programs assist thousands of individuals and families across southwest Montana, not just Bozeman.

HRDC programs include: early childhood development, emergency assistance, food and nutrition, senior services, housing, transportation, etc. If you've ever been on the Streamline Bus or had an interaction with the Gallatin Valley Foodbank, the HRDC has touched your Bozeman life.

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