Highway 191 is closed to through traffic today, due to water flowing over the roadway.  The incident is at Greek Creek (mm 58.2).  Semis are being stopped at 4 Corners and at Big Sky, and being re-routed through Ennis.

Local traffic is being allowed through, but can't get passed Greek Creek Culvert on 191, due to the water over the road.  Word from locals is that there is something such as a tree stuck in the Greek Creek Culvert, and that's what's causing the water over the roadway.  The water is moving so quickly and is so deep that it's making it extremely difficult to break up the blockage.

I spoke with the Department of Transportation this morning, and they were just releasing the fact that 191 is closed, and where it's closed.  They hope to have more information soon, and have my cell number, so I will post the lastest as soon as I get it.