Sad Movies Make Me Cry
My wife Lori and I watched 'Old Yeller' again the other day.  Sad movie.  I'll admit it.  I cried.  Hell, I cry everytime I watch Titanic.  Seriously.  After watching Old Yeller
Reba McEntire Gives Son Shelby the Green Flag
Are you a Nascar Fan?  Any kind of racing fan?  I never have been, but I am looking forward to the raceway opening in May here in Bozeman & Belgrade.  Reba McEntire is thrilled her son Shelby has found his calling racing cars, but that doesn't negate the fact that she worries about him when he i…
60 Minutes Says ‘Three Cups of Tea’ Is Inaccurate

By: Stephen Lovekin Collection: Getty Images Entertainment
My wife Lori and I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Greg Mortenson here in Bozeman a few years ago.  He was speaking about his book, ' Three Cups Of Tea'.  Now we find out from CBS's show 60 Minutes that some of the most inspiring an…
Facebook Pet Peeves: Top Reasons To Defriend
Do you have a Facebook page?  Have you had it for a long time?  How many friends do you have or for that matter do you really need...on a website page?  I am a relatively newby to Facebook, finally getting at page last September.  My friend list is mostly radio and record industry people I know or h…
Happy National Eight Track Tape Day!
Today, April 11, is National Eight Track Tape Day, a holiday dedicated to bring back the fond memories of the sixties and seventies.  I had one installed in my first car, a Brown '68 Dodge Polara!  I had the speakers all along the back window too!
The When to Wash It Handbook
Do you wear your jeans more than once before washing them?  What about certain other clothes, like shirts or socks?  The when to wash it handbook is pretty interesting.  What about towels?  Do you re-use your towel after showering more than once or twice?
Most Hated Industries From Yahoo Finance
I have to agree with most of the most hated industries that Yahoo Finance came up with in the story.  Cable Tv has to be at the top of my list.  Why can't they just fix it right the first time?  Is it because they have us by the "wires"?

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