Top 10 Names For Dogs and Cats
When it comes to naming our dogs and cats, the most popular names are Bella for a puppy and Max for a kitty. That's the word from Veterinary Pet Insurance, which analyzed its 485,000 insured clients and came up with lists of the top 10 names for dogs, cats and exotic pets.
Weirdest Traffic Laws in America
I stumbled upon this from a friend of mine.  She sent me the story about all these very wierd traffic laws in this country.  Some of them are specific to activities common in that town or state, and some of them make you wonder why someone had to tell you it’s illegal to do…
Snoring Shrinks The Brain
I keep telling Lori that SHE snores.  She tells me that I snore.  Now there's new research out that states, snoring is not only annoying to your bed-mate, it may also shrink you brain. Uh oh...
Are You A ‘Snacker’?
Are you a regular snacker or a binge snacker?  I like peanuts.  The ones surrounded by that M&M shell! :)
The snack food you crave can tell the world all about you.
Today Is “As Young As You Feel Day” (March 22)
So how YOUNG do you feel?  I may be an old fart, but at least in my mind, I still 'feel' like I'm right about the mid 30s...at least that's what my MIND says, my body on the other hand is telling me something totally different!
 To encourage people to stop acting their chronological age and do things…

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