No matter how hard I try, I am not Mr. Fix It.  Yard work?  Yes, I can handle that.  A plugged drain?  Probably.  Electrical?  Hmmm. Not so much!

So after living in the Central Valley of California for 3 years (more like a prison sentence!) coming back to Bozeman and the beautiful weather is such a relief.  Lori and I don't really run the air conditioner, but decided to check it out and make sure it works properly.  It did for about 5 minutes, then stopped.  So I check it over, looks like it's okay, I go into the crawl space under the house to look over the furnace/blower thingy.  I found this other box with water in it...condensation from the coils that collects inside this box and it is shutting off the a/c.  I read the book on it, thinking 'oh I can fix this'...Nope.  After shocking myself, I have now called a repairman/shop to come look at it and fix it right.

Yard work anyone?