I like many, have been watching CNN and The Weather Channel live coverage of the horrible aftermath of the tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri on Sunday May 22nd at 5:41pm.  I was on the phone with my sister in law Brenda from Broken Arrow (Tulsa) Oklahoma.  We were talking about her birthday bar-b-q cookout they had on Sunday, when she said "Tommy,  are you watching the tornado coverage?  I know you have friends in Joplin..."

St. Mary's Elementary School is where my boys went to school.  CNN has pictures of what is left of it.

After many facebook messages, and phone calls to friends in Joplin, almost all are fine...however, there's a friend that no one has heard from since the tornado struck.  She and her two young girls were last known to be heading into the basement...so far there's been no contact and no messages from her.

I know there are some XL Country fans that also have friends and relatives in Joplin.  I pray they are safe.

I sit today watching the new tornado's in Oklahoma heading toward Tulsa and then on to Joplin once again.  I pray my family in Broken Arrow will be safe and for the safety of my friends in Joplin.

Here is a link to pictures of what is left from citytv.com