Weird News

Ingenious Pranksters Fill Friend’s House With Beer
In this hilarious video, a group of friends in New Zealand decide to rig the water lines in their buddy’s house so that beer came out of every tap in the house. Then, they set up dozens of cameras all over the house to catch his reaction. It’s a prank that will h…
Is A Bear Napping in Your Pool House? [VIDEO]
Is this a reverse Goldilocks and the Three Bears? This bear made himself right at home by taking a nap not on a bed but on the floor of a Florida poolhouse. The seven year old who found him did exactly what every kid would do - recorded a video of it on his cellphone...
Facebook Helps Lead to Arrest of Dine-and-Dashing Customer
All businesses have their bad customers.  In Reno, Nevada, Saul Zelaznog is one of the worst. He has made a habit of dining and dashing all around town. One business decided to go vigilante on Saul and post his photo and his bad habit on their Facebook page with hopes of tracking him down. It w…
Drive By Shooting on Montana Highway
As strange as it sounds, being shot at while driving on the interstate is one of my biggest fears. On July 26th, an older couple driving on Interstate 90 experienced just that. Luckily they escaped with nothing more than a broken window.

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